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In 2002 a+t launched the Density Series, which became an international beacon for collective housing and urban planning. Now, in 2010, a+t opens up a new line of editorial research: projectual strategies.

STRATEGY PUBLIC, the last double issue of a+t magazine, inaugurates the STRATEGY Series, dedicated to the study of project strategies.

More than 20 works of urban landscaping, all built, are analysed regarding the strategies identified in each one.

This issue initiates a new way of approaching the project, in which the method is as visible as the result.

Title: a+t 35-36 STRATEGY PUBLIC
Subtitle: Landscape Urbanism Strategies
Pages: 320
Size: 23,5 x 32
Ilustrations in colour
ISSN 1132-6409
ISBN 978-84-614-2148-0
Now on sale