Hawthorn House / ADDARC

As if by magic, the Hawthorn House morphs an inner suburban site into an urban oasis, mirroring both external conditions ...

3 Ways an Indoor Water Feature Will Transform Your Office

Few things can make an office stand out like a quality indoor water feature – it instantly becomes the centerpiece of the entire space ...

Different Types of Architectural Styled Houses

Architectural Style house plans have a variety of designs made by some famous designers and architects.

Brutal inspiration: why poets are writing about Coventry’s ring road

Encircling an eccentric city centre where medieval streets meet the modern world, this hulking piece of 1970s infrastructure is the subject of 27 poetry films celebrating its bizarre concrete beauty

4 Easy Tricks to Buy a New Garage Door Painless

As a rule, garage doors are not on the list of our daily shopping. This is why most homeowners do not know much about replacing ...

Newly qualified architects win restricted design competition for new school of...

The newly established practice Vargo Nielsen Palle, led by three recently qualified architects, has won the restricted design competition NEW AARCH

Soviet architecture: a revolution within the Revolution

As part of The Independent series commemorating the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Oliver Bennett looks at the radical architecture that emerged at the time

145 Student Housing in Bassins à Flot / Gardera-D Architecture

Produced by Kaufman & Broad and located at the level of the Bassins à Flots in Bordeaux, the project is part of an urban development plan drawn up by ANMA

All under one roof: how malls and cities are becoming indistinguishable

Suburban malls may be a dying breed, but in cities from New York to Hong Kong, new malls are thriving by seamlessly blending into the urban fabric

Sports centre Activum / Diederendirrix

Sports centre Activum is the heart of the Bentinckspark, an education and sports campus in Hoogeveen. The centre consists of three sports halls ...

The Nine-Step Architectural Beauty Detox Plan

Early 21st century architecture resembles 18th century opera with starry soloists impressing audiences with their stylings and ornamentations ...

Domo Design Studio wants to make Trump’s wall big, beautiful and...

The wall has galvanized Trump’s supporters and horrified his opponents. It has split fiscal conservatives from immigration hawks ...

Haines / Foomann

This is the family home of Foomann director Jamie who tackled this as an owner/builder. In a nice piece of symmetry

Planning for the Worst

Disaster is an opportunity — with the need to escape comes a potential fresh start.

Private View: John Simpson

English architect and Georgian era enthusiast John Simpson reflects on bridging past and future in a new profile by Australian director Max Hemmings

The L.A. architecture critic who helped bring the story of Mexican...

Esther McCoy is best known as the architecture writer who helped shape the story of Modernism in Los Angeles.

Cité internationale Paul Ricœur / Hérault Arnod Architectes

The Cité Internationale is an hybrid building, it brings together three different owners and four independent programs

In Chicago and Philadelphia, the Difference a Park Makes

Chicago is at the forefront of a growing, big-city trend. It has been undertaking a major parks and open space program, upgrading neighborhood playgrounds ..

Phantoms of Moscow: museum unveils city’s unrealised architecture

Six projects from 1920s and 30s take centre stage at Design Museum in London to mark centenary of Russian Revolution

Urban Memory Infrastructure

Former NYPL Labs director Ben Vershbow sits down with Shannon Mattern to debrief on the Labs’ work and the library as a critical urban infrastructure and resource.