Mexico Inaugurates World’s Tallest Suspension Bridge

Mexico Inaugurates World's Tallest Suspension Bridge

The Baluarte Bridge is now the world's tallest

[quote]The massive infrastructure project consists of 152 steel suspenders supporting over 1100 meters of 20 meter wide roadway, with a central span of over 520 meters. Its four lanes are held up by two 400 meter towers – tall enough to house the Eiffel Tower – which bring the structure its impressive world record credentials.

The $1.42 billion project is 86 percent complete, and will be finished by the end of January. The bridge spans a deep ravine in northern Mexico, and the achievement comes soon after the country’s bicentennial celebration of independence from Spain.

“It is definitely one of the most impressive infrastructure projects. It is a key piece of Mazatlan and Durango – a project that is going to unite the people from the north of Mexico like never before,” said Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s President.[/quote]

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