Living in a box

[quote]A housing trust in Brighton wants to use the 36 adapted containers as a stop-gap for people without a permanent home.
It is the latest plan aimed at tackling Brighton and Hove’s ‘desperate’ housing crisis.[/quote]

Living in a box

Innovation: Shipping containers have been used as homes in the UK before such as this Container City in London

[quote]The containers have been transformed into self-contained studio flats, and feature bathrooms, kitchens and plasterboarded walls.
The structures were designed for a social housing project in Amsterdam two years ago but the scheme had to be abandoned after hitting funding difficulties.[/quote]

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[twocol_one_last]It is hoped they will instead be used as temporary homes in Brighton and Hove from late spring next year until a permanent roof can be found.
The Brighton Housing Trust and developer QED are to submit a planning application to the local city council for a central site featuring the modified containers with allotments on the roofs.[/twocol_one_last]

Andy Winter, chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, said ‘imaginative solutions’ were needed to deal with the ‘desperate’ housing situation in the city.

Shipping-container homes have been used elsewhere, including in London, and are seen as a significantly cheaper housing option than bricks and mortar.

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