Live In Your Sneakers? Mobile Housing’s Next Step

Live In Your Sneakers? Mobile Housing’s Next Step

The appeal of pop-ups is clear–it’s exciting to see something we generally think of as a permanent structure made impermanent and mobile. Though we rarely experience pop-ups beyond this realm of fun and novelty: It’s music festivals, overpriced shops, and mini-museums that tend to do the popping up. Design breakthroughs as far as actual homes you can take with you have been slim since the teepee was turned into high-tech tents.

A new project, “Walking Shelter,” explores what on-the-go housing might just look like. Here, a portable dwelling is packed right into a pair of sneakers. Essentially a tent without a pole (that’s the clever part), the mobile home can be deployed anywhere you’d like it to pop up.

Rather than relying on the old pole standard, the shelter’s frame is provided by the person(s) occupying it, explains Amelia Borg, one-eighth of Sibling, the Australian architectural collective behind the project. Sibling created the prototype for a special line of high-concept high-tops sponsored by clothing label Gorman. Theirs was one of 21 “Choose Your Own Adventure Shoes” developed by artists and designers and auctioned off for charity.

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