John Pawson: A Visual Inventory

John Pawson: A Visual Inventory

Left, Preah Khan, Siem Reap, Cambodia, January 2011 // Right, Neues Museum, Berlin, Germany, March 2009 // Photos by john Pawson

[quote]From patterns in a trail of caterpillars in Spain to the geometry of a whitewashed house on the Greek island of Rhodes, renowned British architect John Pawson’s personal photographs reveal the visual details that intrigue him. [/quote]

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[twocol_one_last]Known for a minimalist aesthetic that places emphasis on light, material and proportion, Pawson has lent his modernist sensibility to everything from a Cistercian monastery in the Czech Republic to countless private homes, luxury yachts, and the Calvin Klein flagship store in New York. In contrast to the clean, ascetic refinement of his designs, Pawson’s photographs reveal an unexpected taste for texture and vibrancy. He has edited down an amassed collection of some 250,000 images, captured during travels around the globe and mundane moments at home, to create his forthcoming monograph Visual Inventory, released by Phaidon later this month. [/twocol_one_last]
“I do so much traveling and there’s so much tedious waiting,” says Pawson. “Having the camera and taking pictures gains something from those situations.”

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