Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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The focus in designing this house was to make it an extension of gardening....
Unlike the single person archetype this is a family home and a first floor bedroom zone was required.....
The Giant Campus is a compact village that accommodates diverse programmatic functions in a flexible framework of architectural forms that move into and out of a sculpted landscape.
LANTERN was opened on the occasion of Stavanger (NO) being european capital of culture, and further nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe prize.
Located on an woody site at Meco beach, nearby Sesimbra in the outskirts of Lisbon, this house aims to a close relation with ....
Commissioned to design the exteriors of this large hotel in front of Malpensa International Airport as a result of our competition winning entry for the overall design of the building.
This site for this project has one main view to the east towards Camelback Mountain. The intent of the project was to focus the views towards the iconic landmark to capture it and have it constantly presenced in the experience of the house while creating other introspective moments of experience.
Few Jewish communities used to surpass the one of Mainz in importance and tradition. During the Middle Ages being the major center of religious teaching, this importance can be traced back to a series of influential Rabbis, especially Gershom ben Judah (960 to 1040) whose teachings and legal decisions had impact on Judaism at large..........
Located on an impressively sloping site in Paço de Arcos, a neighborhood of Lisbon facing the sea...
Located in downtown Phoenix, the new six-story, 225,000 sq. ft., 110-foot tall building has become an integral part of the fabric of ASU’s energizing downtown campus
Located in a landscape of unique beauty, the result of a natural and evident growth.....
The brief was to bring light into our clients’ home and their lives. Their old home was Victorian, dark and periodically tight and depressing....
a multiflexible R&D and demonstration building in Taastrup, Denmark
"roof top office" Dudelange is the extension of the company headquarters of Sanichaufer. Sanichaufer is one of the biggest Luxemburg-based firms in building services engineering.
The project proposes an architecture that responds to the inherent qualities of the site, privileged views, and the larger context of the Sonoran Desert.
The property is situated in the town Älta, a few kilometres south of Stockholm. The house is located on a hilly site with relatively limited building rights.
A "two-generation" house located near the sea. The owner requested a garage for two cars and a house that allows for light and air to pour in to let the family relax while also securing privacy.
where all the living uses and human relations are possible: relax, shelter, contemplation and work.

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