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Project M / Studio 15b
Martha / Ola Studio
Havre 77: a derelict XIX century house is transformed to invigorate Mexico City’s central neighborhood
The Farm 38° 30°, an iconic boutique dairy factory, derives its name from the coordinates of the site it is located in the village of Afyon Tazlar
Situated in the south west holiday town of Dunsborough it is a dream come true for a design savvy graphic design couple and their budding Wahinis
Twenty two years after completing the first expansion to the Lillehammer Art Museum, Snøhetta expanded the project yet again
NSK Ltd. celebrated its 100th anniversary with a special exhibition, "SENSE OF MOTION", held at the Omotesando Spiral ...
Located in one of Oslo’s most bustling and fastest growing retail areas, the recently opened signature store marks the launch of a new retail brand concept
Klopf Architecture, Outer Space Landscape Architects, Sezen & Moon Structural Engineer and Flegels Construction updated a classic Eichler open, indoor-outdoor home.
This project is a new residential dwelling on a small block in Malvern. The block is 386m2, on a one way road, in amongst many old single cottages.
Electronic music is a new subject for architecture. Most of the times electro nights take place in spaces that were not specially designed for them ...
Constructed in 1966 in the north of Berlin and in close proximity to Tegel airport, the unpretentious factory complex consisted once of two volumes ...
This seven-storey residential building is integrated into a row of commercial and office buildings located at the former east port (Osthafen) in Berlin
From the architects: The house where our intervention took place consists of a villa located in the seaside resort city of Costa da Caparica. This is a specific and surgical intervention in a highly deteriorated villa from the seventies....
This project involved the re-configuration and extension of an Edwardian weatherboard house in the Melbourne suburb of Balaclava ...
Harbored in serene green hillocks of the tea plantation area in northeast Bangladesh, "Dusai Resort & Spa" is the first of its kind destination resort ...
The Hemera tower is a symbolically strong project for the city of Nantes, 6th larger metropolis of France. Hemera builds the vertical city ...
The interim-building is realized on the premises of the Parnas-complex on the Parnassusweg. Together with the existing towers E and F ...
The existing 1970s brick and weatherboard dwelling on a large triangular site was well loved but had been outgrown by its family
The focal point of the project is a concrete waffle shaped roof, which sits aloft the new living area.Its pre-fabricated peaks and troughs create trenches ..

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