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Project M / Studio 15b
Martha / Ola Studio
The Oak Pass Main House sits atop a 3.5-acre ridge site with panoramic canyon views
Winner of American Architecture Prize 2016, Hans-Petter Bjørnådal constructed a Meditation Garden deep in the Lithuanian forest of Anykščiai.
The Marc Younan architecture office converted an industrial building into 85 different social housing units, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris ...
This project is a 1950s home, which has been reconfigured internally. Two outdoor rooms connect the house and garden using a complimentary language ...
The Wangari Muta Maathai House is envisaged as a living memorial - a forum for experiential learning for all Kenyans, Africans and peoples of the globe.
Like a naturally occurring trilithon found in rock formations, the Canterbury Road Residence is made up of three simple structures, clad in rough lavastone
This secondary house is located in the Magdalen Islands, facing West Dune and the sea.
[Misfit]fit is a new six-storey, 32,000 square foot boutique office building situated on a small vacant site in Toronto's Liberty Village
The installation "Forest of Numbers" visualized the decade of the future from 2017 to 2026, created a sense of stillness across the large exhibition space
Caulfield south is a suburb house to a diverse range of architectural styles from Edwardian weather-board to Californian bungalow to red & orange clinker brick
The towers, these imposing tall and narrow prisms, are the most stubborn and absolute expression of Mani building
Creating a personal connection to the heritage of the client, the house on Cassell Street is referential of an ancient Byzantine building
The house's geometry is regular, while the architectural concept of tempting the guest entering the house is achieved by breaking the regular architectural mass
Toronto-based development company baukultur/ca just recently completed the transformation of a 110-year-old house into a contemporary, sustainable house
This alts and adds project involved converting an existing 1920’s duplex apartment into a house
House Justice involves alterations and additions to a two storey, semi-detached, Edwardian Queen Anne/Arts and Crafts style house listed on the state heritage inventory
C.F. Møller Architects, artist Conrad Shawcross and developer Knight Dragon have completed a major new art and architecture collaboration ....
The building is located on a very busy intersection. An intervention in the existing building use class made possible better light & sun exposure condition

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