Thursday, February 23, 2017
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The winning entry for the conversion and extension of the educational center is respectful of the traditional ensemble in this prominent position
Beverly Willis and Paola Moya will be featured in programming that will celebrate Women’s History Month
Ideasforward wants to give young creative people from around the world the opportunity to express their views on the future of societies through their innovative and visionary proposals.
The Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved a $32.2 billion, 10-year capital plan–the agency’s largest ever.
Centre for Urban Innovation will bring together researchers in nutrition, energy and water in an urban context
Promoted by the Wisconsin-based non-profit Little Free Library, there are now over 50,000 vessels of literary generosity in 70 countries around the world.
The new Olympus Campus development replaces a smaller building, which no longer meets current standards in terms of function, energy efficiency, and architecture
HHF Architects to design a 30-meter-high apartment tower and an adjoining public green space in the Biel community of Mett
About 20 miles west of Glasgow lies a modern ruin. St Peter's Seminary was built only 50 years ago, yet by the 1990s it was derelict ...
Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, 42, is featured in the new Netflix documentary series "Abstract: The Art of Design."
These rotating homes can unfurl in the summer to let in light, and living areas can be programmed to follow the sun throughout the day Imagine living in a house that follows the direction of the sun when it's hot. Or...
Launched in 2011, the annual AZ Awards is internationally recognized as one of the most influential and significant design and architecture awards programs.
Billionaire hedge funder Steven A. Cohen received the official go-ahead to build a massive, six-story, single-family mansion at 145 Perry Street
This office renovation provides a new home for the property managers of Jackson Square, located in Hamilton, Ontario
Deforestation and climate change have triggered a housing crisis in West Africa but an ancient technique of earth-building could provide relief to millions
More than a year ago, the New York City Parks Department inaugurated the program Parks Without Borders. The idea? An obvious one: There are thousands of ..
Snøhetta has won the invited design competition for a new hotel on the Hakaniemi waterfront in Helsinki, Finland
An international design competition was held by the City Administration of Chelyabinsk, for the development strategy and masterplan of the historical center

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