Monday, April 24, 2017
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Today, in many places, houses look as if they were ready to travel. Although they are unadorned, or precisely because of that, they express their farewell.
The Dutch architect has mentored dozens of talented designers at his Rotterdam studio, OMA.
Despite criticism, open workspaces are still the smartest solution.
What would buildings look like if their creators didn't have to worry about annoying things like planning, budgets, climate and clients?
Ankara's Iron Cage

Ankara’s Iron Cage

An instant ruin was conceived in Ankara in 2005, to be left idle in 2008 and torn down in 2012.
Once you progress beyond the public circulation zones to reach the office tenancy spaces of the Gherkin, you will find uninspiring interior environments lacking the grandeur created by the exterior.
A cover illustration for a 1940s textiles catalog pictures Mom, Dad and their preteen son gazing reverently upon their white clapboard home.
Repetition takes place in time and space. But the same may be said of everything aesthetic, architectural or otherwise.
History venerates the builders of great bridges, dams, and towers. But rare are commemorative plaques for the un-builders..
At its peak, thousands passed through its massive, light-filled atrium. Today, Bell Labs Holmdel stands empty, all of its 1.9-million-square-feet utterly without life.
In honor of the Platypus Affiliated Society’s Radical Bourgeois Philosophy summer reading group, I thought I would devote a blog entry to the celebration of radical bourgeois architecture
The Open-Office Trap

The Open-Office Trap

The open office was originally conceived by a team from Hamburg, Germany, in the nineteen-fifties, to facilitate communication and idea flow.
In 1972 Louis Kahn travelled to London to receive the Royal Gold Medal for Architecture. What is not commonly known is that the next day he travelled to Manchester..
From container cities to floating houses, how dynamic architecture following Archigram's blueprint can enhance you life
Josh lewandowski has been doodling architectural nonsense almost every day since september, "just 'cause."
A story that reveals the apocalyptic leaning of many fairy tales, “The Juniper Tree” has an exquisite narrative shape.

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