Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Behind the walls of “Frank Lloyd Wright and the City: Density vs. Dispersal" can practically hear the curators at MoMA and Columbia flogging themselves, trying to come up with something new to say.
Iwan Baan photographs the world's buildings as they are made, used and abused by people—an approach that's made him the architecture world's most sought-after lensman
The city’s social contract was shredded long ago and everyone knows time is running out – but some Detroiters have hope
Failed Architecture interviewed photographer Matthew Emmett about his fascination for impermanence, ruin porn, and engaging with the history of places
Imagine if those magnificent historic city streetscapes and marvellous nineteenth century buildings in the centres of our major cities were never destroyed.
A city without proper public space is a city without a soul, says Veronica Simpson. But there’s more to it than fountains and piazzas
How Gritty, Crime-Ridden Medellín Became a Model for 21st-Century Urbanism
Baffled by Belfast

Baffled by Belfast

Failed Architecture walked around in Belfast and took first impressions of the city's vacancy and the physical manifestations of the 'troubles'.
Metropolis Mag interviews Daniel Libeskind on Italy, Product Design, and the State of Architecture Today
The ability of “starchitects” to capture our admiration is limited by the Law of Diminishing Shock Value..
New Orleans, a city typically associated with its collection of colonial architectural relics, is also a hotbed of postmodernism.
Machinery, traffic and other people make our existence loud as hell – but can we use technology to retune the urban world?
Utopolis Building new, efficient and successful cities is the 21st century’s Space Race. There are no ready-made solutions for “smart cities”, but..
From The White House to Vauxhall Tower buildings tell us about society's values, says Sarah Crompton
‘There is something strange about this house: a sense of religion, asceticism – and perhaps of obsession’
The 1927 international competition for the League of Nations Palace at Geneva is one of the most illuminating episodes in the history of contemporary architecture.
Leonidov’s Lenin Institute of Librarianship is exceptionally interesting methodologically, and deserves thorough consideration.
Cuba's urban farming revolution: Havanas’s unique agricultural infrastructure emerged from punishing trade sanctions following the fall of the USSR

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