Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Australian Design Review's Michael Holt and Marissa Looby discuss the wall in the works of Herzog & de Meuron.
"Multigen" will enable generations to live together, but still preserve options to move away for any length of time.
With its distinctive timber and corrugated iron appearance, the Queenslander house is a classic piece of Australian architectural design.
Paul Rudolph enjoyed fantastic success in the early 1960s. It was impossible to open a newspaper, magazine, or architectural journal in the United States or abroad without seeing one of the architect's projects..
A federal design competition could radically alter our relationship with the water's edge
Moscow’s Shukhov radio tower, an iconic work of early Soviet constructivism, has lately become a subject of intense debate within Russia
The Italian-born architect’s radical approach to the design of people-friendly buildings in Brazil should receive greater recognition, Jason Farago argues.
Belgian artist Simon Allemeersch decided to move into a tower block slated for demolition, just as the first residents were moving out. Failed Architecture asked him about his motives.
Form follows function – the central tenant of modern architecture – is an idea most often employed to justify cheap, ruthlessly efficient factories and office buildings but..
An exclusive look at architect Knud Lonberg-Holm, the father of information design and one of Buckminster Fuller's greatest influences.
For small architecture firms, transitioning from designing buildings to designing urban spaces is easier said than done.
Once-proud visions of suburban utopia are left to rot as online shopping and the resurgence of city centres make malls increasingly irrelevant to young people
On a large scale, these constructions make a great impact on our eco-system; you too can make a difference in your home to help reduce global warming and the deterioration of our planet.
Examine some of the 150 or so tiny artifacts that you find in Dale Clifford's office at Carnegie Mellon University, and you just might find the future of architecture.
What used to be Ljubljana's pride and the home of healthy sports spirit slowly transformed into an urban ruin, pointing to a much more complex problem of spatial apathy and disorder.
Andrei Burov

Andrei Burov

Burov was a member of the Society of Modern Architects (OSA) and an avowed disciple of Le Corbusier living in Moscow during the 1920's
One hundred years have passed since Antonio Sant’Elia and Mario Chiattone pioneered futurism in architecture.
As leading architects race to put their visual signatures on every nook and cranny of the world, one critic wonders whether globalization is really such a good thing.

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