Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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You can start the process of furnishing your place in as affordable a way as possible by checking out garage sales and estate sales
Perhaps it’s time to resurrect our nuclear bunker architecture and to re-establish our old civil defence drills. So, when did the original idea of civil ...
When you are moving to a new home, professional movers will make the task easier and faster. They can help you to move all the heavy items ...
Infrastructure became a national talking point after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake devastated Christchurch in 2011, but were lessons learned?
This seems an obvious truth, but we need to say it loud and clear. Urban intelligence is more than information processing.
Our buildings can make us sick. In Google, the movement for healthy architecture may have gotten its most powerful ally yet
People keen to explain architectural beauty usually take some building already thought beautiful and go on to describe ....
Maintaining a bright and healthy lawn isn't always as easy. These efforts require a lot more than regular watering and the occasional application of fertilizer
Seeing New York's new Second Avenue Subway, it can be hard to believe it’s actually real. That’s due to the fact it’s taken almost a century to happen
On January 18, 1963, architect Minoru Yamasaki appeared on the cover of TIME magazine, his disembodied head floating amidst the neo-Gothic tracery...
Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is loved for his striking designs and loathed for cost overruns. Will his £1bn project for Greenwich Peninsula stay on course?
I’ve been writing about the relationship between political protest and the design of cities for more than 20 years ...
A private development close to Beirut’s last remaining public beach is sparking anger among residents who fear companies will leave nothing for the poor ..
Yale Art Gallery was Kahn’s first major commission and he was determined to make an idealistic statement
While the new home bathrooms have nearly doubled in size over the last three decades, there are few things like drafty windows, squeaky floors ...
Modular developments in Manchester and Liverpool are energy efficient and built in quick time, but can they spark national interest?
A report just out from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard reveals that this demographic shift will increase the need for affordable housing
Adam Tanaka reflects on his post-Brexit bike ride along the Thames Estuary, Britain's historic edgelands, where he encountered a landscape already far from Europe.

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