Monday, April 24, 2017
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More than ever, urbanites share a common affiliation, whether they are in Idaho or Massachusetts, whether they’ve built up earthly treasures or scrape by on minimum wage
Critical infrastructure has received much attention in recent years. The reasons include concerns about exposure to terrorist attack ...
New drawings of the relation between residential density and voting behavior
Driving to work, driving to dinner, driving to meet friends … this quintessentially American invention requires a limitless supply of land and resources.
Successful regeneration projects need to ensure affordability, access to facilities and involve local communities and residents, said participants ...
The kitchen is the heart of most homes. As dining rooms become less widely used, the kitchen has become a true family space
Many years ago a student seeking a career in architecture and design would have to spend hours constructing 3-D models or highly detailed drawings...
A new city council and a growing number of progressive architecture firms may signal fresh hope for the city’s decaying colonial buildings – and the residents who live inside them
Selling your house is a huge deal. Not only do you want to get the best possible price, but you also need a quick sale so that the money ...
We’ve all heard the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but let’s face it - sometimes it’s impossible not to
When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles 60 years ago, the construction of their stadium was meant to forge the city’s rise to modernity. Instead it provoked ..
The front door of your home is the primary entrance used by people to come-in to your home.
Every city has a different culture that attracts business owners and people. Austin, Texas, has always had a bit of an eccentric outlook ...
Some proposals for Trump’s border wall may look like spoofs, but they provide a fascinating window into the lurid anxieties of middle America
Mixed-use properties were, at some point, seen as a development that wasn’t favourable. Placing apartments above a store were seen as tacky and ruined a somewhat industrial-looking landscape
The property investment world is a harsh and unforgiving one. Once you get rid of a property; it’s completely gone.
A self-described “unlicensed architect” who splits his time between Tokyo and New York, Sugimoto has brought his monastic Modernist aesthetic to life through the firm New Material Research Laboratory
Commercial buildings have particular safety measures which must be maintained in order to assure clients feel welcome and employees remain comfortable while in the building.

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