Thursday, February 23, 2017
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Stefano Boeri, the architect famous for his plant-covered skyscrapers, has designs to create entire new green settlements in a nation plagued by dirty air
Are you serious about giving your bedroom a new look? Then look at the following 10 ideas to give your bedroom an atmosphere you have been missing for a long time.
Much of the historic city depicted on the virtual map has been wiped off the real map of Shanghai by two decades of breakneck development
When your family grows it is normal to end up at one point in time when available storage space is way too small.
From the Freemasons’ Hall to a former Eurostar terminal, fashion show settings are increasingly varied and unusual
An unpopular president, a myth-making architect, and a multibillionaire tycoon are building an oversize airport in a nature preserve
The 70-Mile stretch of dusty highway connecting Kirkuk to Sulaymaniyah in Northern Iraq looks like any other road in the world—except for the 70-plus gas stations lining the shoulder
Among the world's most secretive countries, North Korea opens a door to an architecture school in Stockholm
The Indian capital’s inherently dusty air is made worse by countless unregulated construction sites – and the production of bricks and concrete to feed them
Apple’s new “spaceship” headquarters shows how its beauty has always been skin deep
The National Museum of African American History and Culture was a long time coming, but for architect Phil Freelon it was right on time.
Wooden properties and furniture are becoming increasingly popular and it appears that it’s not just for cosmetic reasons
hat makes a city great? Museums and culture, sure. Maybe a good opera company or a constellation of dance crews. Maybe your first answer here isn’t “a park!”
Durham’s student union building, once graced by Thelonius Monk, is a brutalist gem in need of renovation, not demolition
Firefighters in Spain are trying to build entirely empty cemeteries in woodland in order to stop the growing threat of urban sprawl.
Burglary is on the rise

Burglary is on the rise

Did you know that property crime in 2015 amounted to over $14.3 billion losses in the US?
Designed to help the blind and visually impaired navigate cities, tactile paving units are like braille for pavements.
Suppose there were a way to pump up the economy, reduce inequality and put an end to destructive housing bubbles like the one that contributed to the Great Recession

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