Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Walls that divide one country, or one ideology, from another are like that. We think of them as being pinned along an edge by necessity
As a homeowner, you will want to do everything in your power to make your home as valuable and as comfortable as humanely possible
On a quiet block in the East 50s in Manhattan, set between a music school and a prewar apartment building, sits a discreet, Modernist marvel...
Boston may finally be getting a dose of good architecture. It’s coming from an unlikely source: a luxury residential developer
There are many jobs at home that can be completed using a ladder but there are many other projects you will not want to undertake because a ladder doesn’t provide enough safety
Unlike Guangzhou’s African community – who have faced prejudice and hostility – Yiwu’s foreign residents enjoy an ‘unusual freedom of worship’
A new map of Paris’s iconic Brutalist buildings charts the city’s uneasy relationship with the style.
Newcomer Will Fleissig wants to build a “21st-century city” and redefine how the GTA approaches Lake Ontario. It’s a big dream. Will it float?
The key to a happy life, it’s been discovered, is living near to Georgian architecture and a Waitrose ...
The Minnesota Vikings' new football stadium is a beautiful example of contemporary architecture ... unless you are a bird
“Architecture of Independence — African Modernism” is a captivating study of the development of modernist building in five African countries
From mountain-shaped apartment blocks to the centre of braised chicken reinventing itself as ‘Solar Valley’, China’s second (and third) tier cities are hiring big-name architects to get them noticed
Few things can make an office stand out like a quality indoor water feature – it instantly becomes the centerpiece of the entire space ...
Architectural Style house plans have a variety of designs made by some famous designers and architects.
Encircling an eccentric city centre where medieval streets meet the modern world, this hulking piece of 1970s infrastructure is the subject of 27 poetry films celebrating its bizarre concrete beauty
As a rule, garage doors are not on the list of our daily shopping. This is why most homeowners do not know much about replacing ...
As part of The Independent series commemorating the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Oliver Bennett looks at the radical architecture that emerged at the time
Suburban malls may be a dying breed, but in cities from New York to Hong Kong, new malls are thriving by seamlessly blending into the urban fabric

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