BLANKPAGE Architects win Tabaris Project, Beirut / Lebanon

BLANKPAGE Architects were invited by MEDPROPERTIES to participate in a limited Design competition for a mixed-use project owned by M-Tower SAL in the region of Tabaris, Lebanon.

Blankpage's winning proposal

Blankpage's winning proposal

The project is located on the corner of Fouad Chehab avenue and rue du Liban, opposite to SNA. The total built up area is around 12,500 sqm of residential, commercial and office spaces. Blankpage was competing alongside four well renowned local Architectural firms, and all five projects were evaluated, on the 16th of August 2011 by a panel of professionals with expertise in the fields of architecture, urban design, construction, real estate development and real estate marketing.
On September 16th 2011, BLANKPAGE was declared the winner of the competition.

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