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Architects imagine a Battersea Power Station rollercoaster conversion

Even though its current owner has boring plans to turn it into flats and a shopping complex, architects can't resist imagining new uses for Battersea Power Station.

Architects imagine a Battersea Power Station rollercoaster conversion

Before you get too excited, this isn’t going to actually happen any time soon — the site is owned by a consortium of Malaysian investors who are intent on turning the power station into the centrepiece of a new 3,400 home development that is incredibly dull. AZC, though, is the firm that was behind the idea for a trampoline bridge across the Seine, and that sense of fun can be seen in “The Architectural Ride”, with the power station turned into a museum which visitors can get a full view of by taking a ride on a rollercoaster that encircles and slices through the iconic brick building.

It’s the winner of a competition hosted by ArchTriumph to imagine a new Museum of Architecture for London using the power station as its site and inspiration. The rollercoaster is for people who want to see the Sir Giles Gilbert Scott-designed building from all angles, but a number of new floors and galleries inside and on the roof will host exhibitions on architecture from the modern era to as far back as the Middle Ages.

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