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Outside The Box Idea To Tackle China’s Population Problem

In response to the property squeeze in China, a Beijing architectural & a design firm developed a portable house and garden on the back of a tricycle.

The Tricycle House and Garden is a sustainable mobile home with its design and construction inspired by the shape and movement of an accordion. The playful designed is also being described as the “adult cardboard box fort box.”

Outside The Box Idea To Tackle China’s Population Problem

The People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) in Beijing developed the clever modular home as a single-person dwelling for those who wish to live in the city but simply cannot afford it due to increasing property prices.

According to the designers, “the inability to own land is a fundamental condition in China unique from many western countries. The Tricycle House suggests a future where the temporary relationship and the public nature between people the land they occupy is embraced.”

The home is constructed from polypropylene, a lightweight but strong, wear-resistant plastic. The plastic also acts as a lighting source due to its translucency, obtaining its light from the sun by day and from streetlights at night.